This research examined whether perceived job security positively impacts the effectiveness of job performance among
employees of unionized organizations vs employees of non-unionized organizations. Job security’s effect on job performance was
identified, as well as the difference in the perception of job security among employees from unionized vs non-unionized
organizations. The sample consisted of 100 employees from different positions and different organizations, with both union and
non-union participation from the Miami International Airport. They were surveyed on a Likert scale questionnaire that had items
targeted to measure their perception of job security, and job performance. The evidence yielded results that supported the
literature review, and indicated that employees are more susceptible to show better performance in their work place when in the
context of the security offered by unionized organizations. The results indicated that the security offered by union participant
organizations can be used as a predictor of increased job performance, and to some extent to the employee’s behavior within the