National Festival Reyog Ponorogo is a staging of Reyogs at the Main Stage of City Square in Ponorogo involving
participants from various regions in Indonesia. Reyog Ponorogo is one of traditional dances staged in four rounds which have
noble values as life guidance. The purpose of this research is to identify the preservation efforts of Reyog toward character
education for younger generationss. This research is a descriptive study which is a field study using tourism sociology approach.
The data are collected by observation, interview, and documentation. The result of this research indicates that National Festival
Reyog Ponorogo can preserve Reyog and develops the values of character education. It was showed by the increasing number of
participants about 14% from the beginning of the implementation up to now. The values of character education contained are:
faith, character, leadership, tolerance, patience and optimism. The inculcation of values in Reyog is expressed through stories
during staging, instrumental accompanists, and dialogues. The submission of the values at schools can be done through
extracurricular activities that mostly deal with the issue of the dance without discussing the philosophical and historical realms of
Reyog. This research is expected to be a means to inculcate the philosophical and historical values of Reyog Ponorogo to the
younger generationss through academic aspects