The research aims to describe the students’ thinking process on mathematics problem solving through scaffolding. The
research participants were 6 students of grade 9 on junior high school in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, Indonesia, whose
determination is based on their level of mathematical ability. Question used as a research instrument was essay questions that must
be done based on Polya's four stages of mathematics problem solving. Participants were given the opportunity to do reflection on
what they had done. The researcher invited them for a discussion and guided them to fix the solution (scaffolding). The result
show that participants’ thinking process in problem solving before scaffolding there is happen imperfection in the stage of using
mathematic concept that have been studied previously. Generally, by giving various scaffolding based on the participants’ need,
participants’ thinking process improved and completed four stages of problem solving that were studied in this research.
Moreover, by giving this scaffolding, students' ability on mathematics problem solving improved.