Annually ritual of Malay “Tolak Bala” (Ward off Misfortune) until today is still practiced in North Sumatra Coastal
Area. This study focuses on this ceremony that enacted in Rural Bagan Serdang, District of Pantai Labu. Malay community here
still hold the ritual of “tolak bala” (ward off misfortune) every year. Malays here believe that the ritual of “tolak bala” (ward off
misfortune) has many roles and functions. There medicine or water from the diviner that they believe it will help to cure their
diseases. There is also “tolak bala” (ward off misfortune) ritual that is implemented naturally, such as herbs from hometown to
avoid disease or disorder spirits which can bring disease. Data collection, therefore, showed that the Malay society in Deli
Serdang now believes that that ritual only mediation for submission to God (Allah); as a result that the highest powers of prayer in
the ritual “tolak bala” (ward off misfortune) will depend upon the Almighty God.