One of the factors that cause students’ low academic achievements is their spatial intelligence. Spatial intelligence is
very important in the learning of geometry. Three-dimensional geometry object in the geometry lesson, according to the students’
absorption capacity in the national examination is still in the low category. The purpose of this study is to describe the process and
result of students’ spatial intelligence through the learning model of Project Based Learning. The project based model uses the
initial problem in the planning of complex activities by allowing students the freedom to plan well-learning activities.This
research uses descriptive analysis method. Data collection methods used to test. The subject of this research are twenty-six
students of VIII B.The data analyzed in this research is the test result sheet. The characteristics of the spatial visual intelligence
are (1) imagination, (2) conceptualizing, and (3) problem-solving. The results of this research showed that there are 9 students of
VIII B grade are capable to fulfill the three characteristics of spatial intelligence. There are 11 students have 2 characteristics
spatial intelligence, 4 students have 1 characteristics spatial intelligence, and 2 students who are not capable to fulfill the
characteristics of spatial intelligent.