Parents for children are their first learning media to make the children ready facing their social environment outside the house. The rise case of violence and harassment in children these days need a special attention. Because the violence and harassment in children will give physical, psychological and social impact for them. Therefore it is important for parents to understand how to prevent sexual violence in children through early sex education in children. This research aims to understand how the role of early sexual education in children against child sexual deviation that occur on children as a result of sexual abuse in children. This research carried out by using qualitative method with phenomenological approach that aimed to analyze the phenomena of homosexual (MSM) in Jember which was started in May 2015 to September 2016. The main subject was taken by purposive, which selected the subjects with inclusion criteria as follows: (1) Is a MSM that has already coming-out and expressed a willingness to retell the things that are considered as the cause of being homosexual, (2) attain the age of an emerging adulthood which is between 18 to 35 years, (3) Domiciled in Jember regency, (4) Communicate with Indonesian, (5) Understand the research topic empirically, and (6) Willing to be the subject of research. Beside the main subject, the research data were also obtained from the support subject (significant other) selected by the researchers in order to enrich the research data about the overt behaviour of the main subject, so the data was also taken by the closest person of the main subject. They were the parent (mother) of MSM receiving their presence in the family as well as a spouse or boyfriend of subject. Data were collected by indepth interview. The data were analyzed by IPA (Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis) Technic. The results of the research showed that from the 14 research subjects who are homosexuals in Jember regency were 19-34 years old, 10 of them are homosexual because they have experienced sexual abuse and violence when they were child. The abuse occurred when they were aged 9-17 years old, which the perpetrators of sexual harassment was their closest person (friends, teachers, neighbors, and boarding man). The offender ages ranged from 12-40 years. All parents of research subjects have characteristics that vary from farmer to work as civil servants, and less to high educated. However, all parents did not provide early sex education to their children, and did not realize that their children were sexually abused and impacting the lives of homosexual in their adult years. Only two parents from all research subjects who know their children's status as a homosexual. By this phenomenon, it can be formulated the concept of prevention of homosexual behavior (MSM) for children in the family as well as the prevention of HIV/ AIDS in the homosexual (MSM) community by giving the capacity building of the parents to give early sexual education to the children.