Published: 2017-09-01

Female Mentees' Perspectives of a Mentoring program in the Saudi context

Nadia Shukri Amani Abu Leil

Pages No. 3888-3899

Abstract 203  | PDF 56  DOI

An Investigation and Evaluation of Information Systems Combined/Joint Honours Degree into Accounting Programmes - An Evidence from UK Universities.

Adel Ahmed, PhD, FHEA

Pages No. 3900-3910

Abstract 165  | PDF 62  DOI

Homosexual and Sexual Violence in Children: What is the Role of Parents in Early Sexual Education on Children?

Dewi Rokhmah Wiwin Hendriani Elfian Zulkarnain

Pages No. 3911-3917

Abstract 176  | PDF 71  DOI

The Influence of Return on Assets, Return on Equity, Current Ratio, Firm Size and Assets Structure on Capital Structure of Mining Companies That are Registered in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Muis Fauzi Rambe Yulis Putry

Pages No. 3918-3927

Abstract 334  | PDF DOI

Empowering Metacognition Skill by RDSE (Reading, Discussing, Searching, and Experimenting) Learning Model

Rois Amrullah Akbar Suratno Dwi Wahyuni

Pages No. 3928-3933

Abstract 169  | PDF 89  DOI

The Language Attitudes of Madurese People and the Prospects of Madura Language

Akhmad Sofyan

Pages No. 3934-393

Abstract 234  | PDF 5  DOI

Development of Module Based on Local Potential Integrated SETS in Junior High School

Trapsilo Prihandono Sri Wahyuni Zakaria Sandy Pamungkas

Pages No. 3939-3944

Abstract 140  | PDF 5  DOI

Influencing Factors OTA Hotel Online Comments Usefulness-Based on Research of Text Analysis

Jianhong He Yanrui Gao Yan Zhong

Pages No. 3946-3950

Abstract 192  | PDF 3  DOI

Advocate Performance Analysis: Predictor of Advocate Competency, Organizational Commitment of Advocates, and Work Motivation of Advocates

Dr. Sugeng Prayetno

Pages No. 3951-3957

Abstract 185  | PDF 1  DOI

Social Adaptation of Traditional Fishing Women in Helping the Family Economic Sustainability in Binuangen Banten

Dr. Suwaib Amiruddin

Pages No. 3958-3965

Abstract 221  | PDF 7  DOI

Expediency of Peer Tutoring In terms of Self reliance and Interest in English among class VIII students in Kancheepuram District.

Marieswari M Prema N

Abstract 154  | PDF 6  DOI

Developing Scientific Creativity Test to Improve Scientific Creativity Skills for Secondary School Students

Sri Astutik , Sudart Singgih Bektiarso Lailatul Nuraini

Pages No. 3970-3974

Abstract 402  | PDF 32  DOI

Efferent-Aesthetic Reading in Reading across Curricula (An Implementation at Living Environment Education in Islamic Elementary School As-Salam, Malang, Indonesia)

Rusdhianti Wuryaningrum Imam Suyitno Suyono , Sunaryo

Pages No. 3975-3982

Abstract 242  | PDF 3  DOI

Technical and Vocational Education and Training as a Tool for National Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Nwosu, Jonathan Micah, Ehud Monday

Pages No. 3983-3988

Abstract 176  | PDF 1  DOI

ocial Interaction of Street Vendor in Makassar, South Sulawesi Province

Dr. Maksud Hakim, MM

Pages No. 3989-3995

Abstract 187  | PDF 2  DOI

Featured Product Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Improve the Tangerang City Regional Economic Growth

Harnovinsah Wiwik Utami

Abstract 190  | PDF 10  DOI

The Values Of Nationalism And Behavioral Conducts In Madurese Local Wisdom (MLW)

Sam Samudji Akhmad Haryono Akhmad Sofyan

Pages No. 4001-4010

Abstract 234  | PDF 2  DOI