In the currently global challenges, the poverty is a problem faced by developing countries. An increase in the number of
poverty is due to the impact of the global economic crisis that impact to the national crisis so that the poverty rate becomes
increasing. This research paper explores the impacts of poverty on national security and criminality. The various disabilities of
many people in society to fulfill their basic needs such as food, education, and health, not only have a direct impact on the low
quality of life for the community, there is also an indirect effect of arising from the poverty, such as negative effect on the national
stability of a country. Additionally, criminality is a social impact arising from poverty. Data showed that the 2015 poverty rate
increased to 11.175%, the number of criminal acts dramatically rose to 205,170 cases in Indonesia. It was found there is a
significant correlation between national poverty and criminality rate in Indonesia. Based on these data, we can conclude that
poverty affects criminal acts.