materials used in teaching students have not been able to cultivate the ability to seek and find their own as well as to
construct their understanding. Speed level of different understanding and time limitation to learning in the classroom make the
students less able to learn independently with the systematic and purposeful. Therefore, a module-based inquiry is needed. By
using innovative teaching materials, learners are expected to be able to develop the ability to learn through their own initiative and
are able to solve the problem by systematically investigating, critical, logical, and analysis so that they can formulate their own
invention with aplomb. This study identifies the analysis of learners’ needs that become an innovative teaching material. The type
of this research is development research. Validation of experts in this research study design experts, subject matter experts and
linguists. The subject of this research consists of 10 students in a small group, for the large group consists of 2 classes. Data
collection techniques: observation, questionnaires, interviews and documentation. Analysis of the needs of learners is measured
through a questionnaire generate data presentation needs by 82%. Analysis of the needs of learners towards inquiry-based module
is measured through a questionnaire to students in three schools with class election in category learning outcomes is low. Based
on this identification, the development of Inquiry-Based Modules is needed to make the students be able to learn independently
and develop the problem-solving skills based on systematic measures, critical, logical.