Seblang is a traditional dance performed during the Clean Village in Bakungan and Olehsari. In the midst of scientific
and technological progress, the traditional dances Seblang is able to continue to exist. This study aimed to analyze the existence of
Seblang dance as a culture of Using society. The study used historical research method consists of four steps, ie heuristics,
criticism, interpretation, and historiography. The approach used is cultural anthropology. The results of this study indicate that the
ritual Seblang still exist because it is supported by the people of Using as the executor. Another thing that affects the existence
Seblang ie societal conditions that still adhere to the pre-Hindu belief of ancestors and nature of agricultural land affect the
community to maintain the balance of the relationship with nature. Seblang ritual still exists today because it has a sacred values
as a medium of communication with God Almighty and the ancestors, means give gratitude and pleading for protection from all
disaster, and has a function for the life of the community in all fields of life.