: One of learning model that can make the students do the regulation by themselves to learn or Self-Regulated Learning
(SRL) especially on goal setting and planing in the teaching learning process is called as a Problem Based Learning model
through MOODLE. The purpose of the research is increasing SRL of students especially on goal setting and planning by
implementing learning model “Problem Based Learning” through MOODLE. The research design is a classroom action research
(CAR) which has been done in two cycles.The data collection methods used in this research are observation, interviews,
documentation, and test methods. This cycle model is adapted from Kemmis & McTaggart. The research was conducted to
students class X SMAN 3 Jember Regency, odd semester year 2014/2015. The results of the research showed that the students‟
SRL especially on goal setting and planing growth is increased as much a 38,1% from pre cycle to post cycle.