The development of tourism potential in Jember Regency can to improve the economy of the population. The
potential of tourism with special interest in accordance the program Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. The
geographical location of Jember Regency becomes characteristic and varied potential to be developed into special interest
tourism as destination for the tourists.
This study aims to explain the potential of geographic education constraints, distribution, geographic education
development direction, and the potential of geography education tourism in Jember district in the future. This research
method uses qualitative description of spatial geography (Spatial Geography). Data collection techniques used: (1)
Interview, (2) observation, and
(3) documentation. The data analysis technique uses interactive model of analysis which includes data selection, data
presentation, and data deduction by analyzing high school in social sciences program geography curriculum which
obtained among others potential, constraints, distribution, and SWOT analysis to increase interest in developing the
potential of geography education in Jember Regency.
The result of the research shows that the result of social sciences program geography analysis of curriculum 2013 resulted
in 26 locations of tourism objects that have the potential of tourism geography education. The development of geographic
education tourism attraction with 3A analysis that is the analysis of Attraction, Accessibility, Amenitas as the supporting
of SWOT analysis, the potential of tourism of geography education is very potential and become tourist attraction and
tourist destination with special interest of geography education.