Published: 2018-06-30

Food Security and Sustainable Agricultural Development in Nigeria

Dr. (MRS.) Louisa N. Amaechi

Pages No. 4765-4768

Abstract 1234  | PDF 238  DOI

Mediating role of Emotional Intelligence in the Correlation between Early Maladaptive Schemas and Coping Styles

Raziye Sadat Sade, Rozita Zabihi

Pages No. 4769-4775

Abstract 199  | PDF 107  DOI

Study of Maternal Mortality Risk Factor 2016 in Aceh Province

Nurlaili Ramli, Eva Purwita Purwita

Pages No. 4776-4780

Abstract 349  | PDF 134  DOI

The Influence of Regulation Policy in Local Wisdom of Coastal Fisherman Welfare in Percut Sei Tuan Subdistrictdeli Serdangregency

Hardi Mulyono

Pages No. 4781-4787

Abstract 165  | PDF 93  DOI

Critical Review of Vasa in Bhavaprakasha samhita

Dr.karnam chandrashekhar

Pages No. 4788-4793

Abstract 346  | PDF 137  DOI

Communities Awareness Towards Community Oriented Policing (COP) Development and Implementation in Malaysia.

Mohammad Mujaheed Hassan, Aldrin Abdullah

Pages No. 4794-4800

Abstract 157  | PDF 125  DOI

Identification of possible strategies for implementing PBL at INES-Ruhengeri: A preliminary study

Nsanzumuhire U. Silas, Dr. Habineza Faustin, Dr. Nahimana Marien, Dr. Mpakaniye J. Paul

Pages No. 4801-4807

Abstract 156  | PDF 88  DOI

E-Banking Service Qualities, E-Customer Satisfaction, and e-Loyalty: A conceptual Model

Sathiyavany, N, Shivany, S

Pages No. 4808-4819

Abstract 350  | PDF 904  DOI

Research on bank credit default prediction based on data mining algorithm

Li Ying

Pages No. 4820-4823

Abstract 477  | PDF 480  DOI