Published: 2019-11-02

Women Empowerment And Sustainable Development In Nigeria


Pages No. 5711-5712

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Legal Protection for Creditor Due To Debitors Default in Bank Loan Agreement

Lelly Kurniawati, Albertus Sentot Sudarwanto

Pages No. 5702-5706

Abstract 35  | PDF 13  DOI

The Factors Which Caused Outsourcing System Not According to the Content of the Work Agreement Regarding the Term of the Employment Contract

Millatina Mahardini, I Gusti Ayu Ketut Rachmi Handayani

Pages No. 5707-5710

Abstract 20  | PDF 2  DOI

Parent-Students Relationship and Its Relationship with Student’s Development in Social Skills

Nurulhaidah Daud, Zahidah Sarkawi, Ikhwan Zakaria, You Huay Woon

Pages No. 5712-5715

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The impact of customer engagement on service coordination costs in content service:

KYEONGHO LEE, Byoung Chun Ha

Pages No. 5716-5723

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Comparative Study of Property Destruction Crime Case Study: Iranian and British Law

Fatemeh Eskandari

Pages No. 5698-5701

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