A nation that cannot feed her citizens effectively is facing a very big global economic challenge. This was one of the reasons why UN inculcated food security measure as one of the 2003 MDG goals for the developing countries before 2015 target years. Nigerians economic down turn started when agricultural economy was neglected and attention was given to crude oil economy as the major export of the country’s economy. The neglect export of the country’s  economy. This neglect of the country’s agric economy gave rise to the present social and economic  challenges such as poverty, unemployment, food security, low agric export system, youths restiveness, social insecurity and the general infrastructural decay and decay in other systems. Therefore one of the striking measures to address the countries economic system is through the revival of agriculture with particular reference to women empowerment.

The paper therefore discussed women  empowerment, importance of agriculture to Nigerian economy and the need for women empowerment in agriculture. The paper also highlighted strategies  for women empowerment, demerits of not empowering women and challenges confronting  women farmers in Nigeria.

The paper recommends an immediate action to empower women farm with enough financial and material support for women farmers in Nigeria