Published: 2017-04-01

Strange Meeting: T.S. Eliot and William Empson

John Wallen

Pages No. 3407-3410

Abstract 218  | PDF 70  DOI

A Study on Awareness of Cultural Difference between Korea and the U.S. that the Korean Women who married American Men

Hyekyeong Nam

Pages No. 3411-3413

Abstract 157  | PDF 81  DOI

Inferring the behaviour in choice of unit trust fund

Tan Boon Pin Dr.Nik Maheran bt Nik Muhammad Dr. Noraani bt Mustapha

Pages No. 3414-3419

Abstract 178  | PDF 106  DOI

The offence of abandon of marital and family obligations on payment of alimony and alike (Financial abandon of family); A Comparative study

Rana Atour

Pages No. 3420-3429

Abstract 140  | PDF 75  DOI

Causes of Drug Abuse among College Students: The Philippine Experience

Dr. Freddie Bencio Caday

Pages No. 3430-3434

Abstract 1063  | PDF 5499  DOI

Sociological analysis on the discourse of crisis in art

İnan Keser Nimet Keser

Pages No. 3435-3437

Abstract 149  | PDF 63  DOI

Different Political Impacts on Making of Western-style Art and on Art Education in Turkey

Nimet Keser İnan Keser

Pages No. 3438-3443

Abstract 165  | PDF 71  DOI

What are the needs of older people undertaking activities in art museums and do activities fulfil them?

Kyungsook Min

Pages No. 3444-3451

Abstract 199  | PDF 63  DOI

The Role of Radio Stations in Creating Awareness of Climate Change among Crop Farmers in Abia State

Nwagbara, M. O Nwagbara, O. O.

Pages No. 3452-3459

Abstract 191  | PDF 126  DOI