Published: 2018-02-28

Judicial Independence and Impartiality of Judiciary: A Comparative Study

Fozia Shaheen, Mamoona Khalid

Pages No. 4383-4386

Abstract 732  | PDF 145  DOI

Le couvert forestier en Côte d’Ivoire : une analyse critique de la situation de gestion des forêts (classées, parcs et réserves)

Traore Kassoum

Pages No. 4387-4397

Abstract 892  | PDF 177  DOI

Emigration of Adult Children of Older Academics in Southwestern Nigeria and the Future of Child-Parent Support Culture

ADISA Ademola Lateef (PhD), OLASUPO Matthew Olugbenga (PhD)

Pages No. 4398-4405

Abstract 243  | PDF 76  DOI

The Development Model of Store Atmosphere in Culinary Business to Increase the Purchasing Interest of Society in the Sub-District of Percut Sei Tuan

Nel Arianty, H. Akrim Ashal Lubis

Pages No. 4406-4415

Abstract 292  | PDF 82  DOI

Sustainable Development Goals and Community Service Organizations Working for Children in Education in Sudan

Azza O Abdelmoneium-PhD.

Pages No. 4416-4424

Abstract 202  | PDF 82  DOI

A multilevel analysis of factors influencing child mortality in Ghana

Anthony Abbam

Pages No. 4425-4432

Abstract 308  | PDF 101  DOI

Addressing Excluded Sections through Sustainable Financing Policy Drives: Bangladesh Context

Dr. Pinki Shah

Pages No. 4433-4437

Abstract 164  | PDF 118  DOI

Muamma (conundrum) of Riba (Interest and Usury) in Major Religions in General and Islam in Particular

Dr Ahmad Khalid Khan, Dr Omar Abdullah Al Aboud, Dr. Syed Mohammad Faisal

Pages No. 4438-4443

Abstract 463  | PDF 99  DOI

Potentials, Constraints and Sharia-Based Financing Models on Cassava Agroindustry BUMDes in Jember District - Indonesia

Dr. Sebastiana Viphindrartin, M.Kes, Dr. Ahmad Roziq, S.E.,MM., Drs, Sampeadi, MSi

Pages No. 4444-4452

Abstract 229  | PDF 103  DOI

Overview of the challenges to achieve sustainable development goals in Bangladesh

Mohammed Jashim Uddin, Md. Nezum Uddin

Pages No. 4453-4460

Abstract 319  | PDF 163  DOI