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International Journal of Medical Science and Clinical invention IJMSCI is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal of medicine published in English. The journal's publisher is the Valley International

The Journal aims at publishing evidence-based, scientifically written articles from different disciplines of medical sciences. The Journal welcomes articles of general interest to audiences of medical researchers especially when they contain new information. Articles of clinical evaluation of drugs and other therapies, epidemiology studies in general population, studies on pathogenic organisms and toxic materials, toxicities and adverse effects of therapeutics are welcome.

When written in language other than English and has not been propagated in any international information services (abstract journals), secondary publication of the article is negotiable.

Functional imaging in non-small cell lung carcinoma: Correlation between standardized uptake values and apparent diffusion coefficient values

Necdet Poyraz, Cihan Şimşek, Celalettin Korkmaz, Buğra Kaya, Hasan Emin Kaya

Pages No. 3721-3726

Full text

Abstract 46  | PDF 21 

Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome in a Young Man

Maryam. Moinazad Tehrani MD, Agin Khosrow MD

Pages No. 3727-3728

Full text

Abstract 41  | PDF 8 

Utility of Different Immunohistochemical Stain for Diagnosis of Invasive Breast Cancer

Dujuan Wang, Li Chen, Lihua Zeng, Shuzhen Han

Pages No. 3729-3733

Full text

Abstract 18  | PDF 7 

Scrub Typhus with Multi Organ Dysfuntion: A Rare Case Report

Maj(Dr) Sankar J, Lt Col(Dr) S S Majumdar, Col(Dr) Shyamal Maity, Brig(Dr) Atul khullar, Gp Capt(Dr) Kishore Kumar, Capt(Dr) Praveen M

Pages No. 3734-3736

Full text

Abstract 11  | PDF 3 

Combined Treatment Method Comparison Of Medical And Surgical Treatment In Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis

Ebubekir Gündeş, Mehmet Aykut Yildirim, Tevfik Küçükkartallar, Faruk Aksoy, Ahmet Tekin, Murat Çakir, Muzaffer Haldun Çolak, Halil İbrahim Taşci, Ganime Dilek Emlik

Pages No. 3737-3742

Full text

Abstract 2  | PDF 1 

Clinical singnificanse of preoperative thyroglobulin antibody in patients with thyroid malignancy

Šefik Hasukić, Amra Jakubović- Čičkušić, Jasminka Alagić- Smailbegović, Goran Imamović, Begzada Hasukić, Indira Mehmedagić

Pages No. 3743-3746

Full text

Abstract 0  | PDF 0 

Minimal Surgery Technique in Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment

Müberra Akdogan, Mahmut Ozturk

Pages No. 3747-3751

Full text

Abstract 0  | PDF 0 
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