Study on Various types of presentations in AIDS patients in Terminal illness

Balaji Naik Bhanoth, Chakravarti narukurthi, Saranya Dasari

Pages No. 3388-3391

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Abstract 21 | PDF 16 | DOI

Incidence of Thyroid Diseases in Saudi Diabetic Patients by Means of Ultrasonography

Naglaa Mostafa Elsayed, Amnah Hakami, Bashayer Al-Sulami, Anwar Al-Sulami, Maram Alzhrani

Pages No. 3400-3403

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Abstract 16 | PDF 8 | DOI

Transabdominal Imaging of the Lumbar Spine with Portable Ultrasound

Inklebarger J., Leddy J., Turner A.H., Abbas B.

Pages No. 3407-3412

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Abstract 25 | PDF 8 | DOI

Measles: Is It Still A Killer Disease?

Dr.Charul R. Mehta, Dr. Jay Patel, Dr. Navin, Dr. Diwakar Kr. Singh

Pages No. 3423-3426

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Abstract 11 | PDF 7 | DOI

Small bowel obstruction due to dried fruit and vegetable bezoars in paediatric patients of northern India.

Faheemul hassan andrabi, Gowher Nazir Mufti, Sajad Ahmad Wani, Mudasir hamid, Nisar Ahmad Bhat, Aejaz Ahsan Baba, Shahid shazad

Pages No. 3427-3429

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Abstract 18 | PDF 7 | DOI

A Study of the Prevalence of Depression in Geriatric Outpatients and Associated Predisposing Factors

Dr. Bineetha BS, Dr. Priya Vijayakumar, Dr. Sunil K. Senan, Dr. George Paul

Pages No. 3454-3459

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Abstract 7 | PDF 6 | DOI

Clinical Profile of Neonatal Sepsis With Reference to Antibiotic Resistance

Dr. Gargi Pathak, Dr. Anuya Chauhan, Dr. Sruthi Nair

Pages No. 3460-3464

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Abstract 8 | PDF 8 | DOI

Drug induced Stevens Johnsons Syndrome : a case report

Dr Gargi.H. Pathak, Dr Anuya Chauhan, Dr Dhriti Shukla

Pages No. 3465-3466

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Abstract 7 | PDF 4 | DOI

General Health Status and Oral Health Status Description in Elementary School Age Children

Emma Rachmawati, Ame Suciati Setiawan, Yuliawati Zenab, Agus Susanto, Dyah Nindita Carolina, Ayu Trisna Hayati

Pages No. 3487-3490

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Abstract 11 | PDF 3 | DOI

A rare case of Homicidal Mercury poisoning

Rupinder Kaur, Parveen Garg, Simran Kaur, Jagminder Singh, Harmandeep Singh Chahal

Pages No. 3491-3493

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Abstract 7 | PDF 4 | DOI