Published: 2018-01-30

Reconstruction of Sole of Foot: A Retrospective Study of 26 Consecutive Cases

Dr.Kiran Petkar MS, MCh,

Pages No. 3383-3387

Abstract 143  | PDF 132  DOI

Study on Various types of presentations in AIDS patients in Terminal illness

Balaji Naik Bhanoth, Chakravarti narukurthi, Saranya Dasari

Pages No. 3388-3391

Abstract 149  | PDF 82  DOI

Effect of dihydroartemisinin and its disulphide derivative on biochemical, histological and hematological parameters in rat.

Emanuel I. Etim, Imoh E. Udoh, John A. Udobang, Iniobong L. Usen

Pages No. 3392-3399

Abstract 120  | PDF 65  DOI

Incidence of Thyroid Diseases in Saudi Diabetic Patients by Means of Ultrasonography

Naglaa Mostafa Elsayed, Amnah Hakami, Bashayer Al-Sulami, Anwar Al-Sulami, Maram Alzhrani

Pages No. 3400-3403

Abstract 142  | PDF 73  DOI

The Relationship between the Level of Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) with The Incidence Rate of Diabetic Foot in H. Adam Malik General Hospital

Fernando Silalahi Marshal,, Doddy Prabisma Pohan, Aznan Lelo

Pages No. 3404-3406

Abstract 174  | PDF 144  DOI

Transabdominal Imaging of the Lumbar Spine with Portable Ultrasound

Inklebarger J., Leddy J., Turner A.H., Abbas B.

Pages No. 3407-3412

Abstract 236  | PDF 91  DOI

Hemorrhagic Disease of Newborn: A Prospective Study of Clinical Features and Outcome.

Dr Ajeet Gopchade

Pages No. 3413-3417

Abstract 151  | PDF 184  DOI

Perinatal Outcome Of Term Pregnancies Complicated By Oligohydramnios

Dr Chetana, A Gopchade

Pages No. 3418-3422

Abstract 124  | PDF 76  DOI

Measles: Is It Still A Killer Disease?

Dr.Charul R. Mehta, Dr. Jay Patel, Dr. Navin, Dr. Diwakar Kr. Singh

Pages No. 3423-3426

Abstract 216  | PDF 81  DOI

Small bowel obstruction due to dried fruit and vegetable bezoars in paediatric patients of northern India.

Faheemul hassan andrabi, Gowher Nazir Mufti, Sajad Ahmad Wani, Mudasir hamid, Nisar Ahmad Bhat, Aejaz Ahsan Baba, Shahid shazad

Pages No. 3427-3429

Abstract 147  | PDF 104  DOI

Analysing the Effect of Prophylaxis Antibiotic Administration on Pediatric Clean Surgery Based on Post Operative Response of Neutrophil, Monocyte, and Lymphocyte, and Surgical Site Infection Rate

Andrizal Yoesoef, Erjan Fikri, Aznan Lelo

Pages No. 3430-3434

Abstract 139  | PDF 69  DOI

Prostate Specific Antigen Values of Geriatric Individuals Visiting a Tertiary Care Hospital in Southern India for Comprehensive Check Up

Rahul Unnikrishnan, George Paul, Sunil K Senan, Priya Vijayakumar

Pages No. 3435-3438

Abstract 131  | PDF 109  DOI

The study of incidence of post operative delirium in geriatric patients with hyponatremia undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting procedure in a tertiary care hospital

Dr Aswin Rajeev, G. Paul, Dr . K S, Dr P. Vijayakumar

Pages No. 3439-3441

Abstract 128  | PDF 69  DOI

The Role of Deleted in Colorectal Cancer (Dcc) and P53 Mrna Expression In Young Colorectal Cancer Patients

Budhi IB, Metria IB, Hanafi B, Herri SS, Effendi JS

Pages No. 3442-3447

Abstract 136  | PDF 75  DOI

Metformin Vs Insulin for Treatment of Gestational Diabetes-A Randomized Clinical Trial

Dr.L. Pranathi, Dr.V. Rama Devi

Pages No. 3448-3451

Abstract 129  | PDF 100  DOI

Correlation of Pediatric Appendicitis Score (Pas) With Appendix Diameter on Children in H. Adam Malik General Hospital Medan and Network Hospital in 2016

Zaki Praja, Erjan Fikri

Pages No. 3452-3453

Abstract 124  | PDF 99  DOI

A Study of the Prevalence of Depression in Geriatric Outpatients and Associated Predisposing Factors

Dr. Bineetha BS, Dr. Priya Vijayakumar, Dr. Sunil K. Senan, Dr. George Paul

Pages No. 3454-3459

Abstract 194  | PDF 105  DOI

Clinical Profile of Neonatal Sepsis With Reference to Antibiotic Resistance

Dr. Gargi Pathak, Dr. Anuya Chauhan, Dr. Sruthi Nair

Pages No. 3460-3464

Abstract 137  | PDF 90  DOI

Drug induced Stevens Johnsons Syndrome : a case report

Dr Gargi.H. Pathak, Dr Anuya Chauhan, Dr Dhriti Shukla

Pages No. 3465-3466

Abstract 114  | PDF 70  DOI

Comparison of Urinalisis in Acute Appendicitis and Perforated Appendicitis on Children Patients in H. Adam Malik General Hospital Medan

Z. Praja, E. Fikri

Pages No. 3467-3469

Abstract 105  | PDF 105  DOI

Blood Glucose Profile Post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft in Rsup H. Adam Malik Medan

Farhan Syarif, Marshal ., Doddy Prabisma Pohan

Pages No. 3470-3472

Abstract 213  | PDF 77  DOI

The Effect Range of Motion (Rom) Exercise on Lower Extremities Joint Pain Level for Elderly at Gampong Tanjung Selamat Kec. Darussalam Kab. Aceh Besar

Cut Rahmiati, Novi Afrianti

Pages No. 3473-3476

Abstract 149  | PDF 294  DOI

Duration of post-operative analgesia with Fascia iliaca compartment block (ficb) using Bupivacaine with Dexmedetomidine and Bupivacaine with Dexamethasone in patients with proximal fracture femur

Dr Syeda Sana, Dr Ramesh G. Pathak, Dr Nazima Memon

Pages No. 3477-3486

Abstract 162  | PDF 86  DOI

General Health Status and Oral Health Status Description in Elementary School Age Children

Emma Rachmawati, Ame Suciati Setiawan, Yuliawati Zenab, Agus Susanto, Dyah Nindita Carolina, Ayu Trisna Hayati

Pages No. 3487-3490

Abstract 262  | PDF 83  DOI

A rare case of Homicidal Mercury poisoning

Rupinder Kaur, Parveen Garg, Simran Kaur, Jagminder Singh, Harmandeep Singh Chahal

Pages No. 3491-3493

Abstract 127  | PDF 71  DOI

The Relationship of Wife's Attitude and Family Support towards Smoking Husband's Behavior inside the House in Ulee Susu, Darul Imarah Sub-District

Ismail .

Pages No. 3494-3499

Abstract 130  | PDF 70  DOI