Published: 2018-01-02

Title : Reconstruction of Sole of Foot: A Retrospective Study of 26 Consecutive Cases

Author(s): Dr.Kiran Petkar MS, MCh,

Pages No. 3383-3387

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Title : Study on Various types of presentations in AIDS patients in Terminal illness

Author(s): Balaji Naik Bhanoth, Chakravarti narukurthi, Saranya Dasari

Pages No. 3388-3391

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Title : Effect of dihydroartemisinin and its disulphide derivative on biochemical, histological and hematological parameters in rat.

Author(s): Emanuel I. Etim, Imoh E. Udoh, John A. Udobang, Iniobong L. Usen

Pages No. 3392-3399

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Title : Incidence of Thyroid Diseases in Saudi Diabetic Patients by Means of Ultrasonography

Author(s): Naglaa Mostafa Elsayed, Amnah Hakami, Bashayer Al-Sulami, Anwar Al-Sulami

Pages No. 3400-3403

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Title : The Relationship between the Level of Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) with The Incidence Rate of Diabetic Foot in H. Adam Malik General Hospital

Author(s): Fernando Silalahi Marshal,, Doddy Prabisma Pohan, Aznan Lelo

Pages No. 3404-3406

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Title : Transabdominal Imaging of the Lumbar Spine with Portable Ultrasound

Author(s): Inklebarger J., Leddy J., Turner A.H., Abbas B.

Pages No. 3407-3412

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Title : Hemorrhagic Disease of Newborn: A Prospective Study of Clinical Features and Outcome.

Author(s): Dr Ajeet Gopchade

Pages No. 3413-3417

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Title : Perinatal Outcome Of Term Pregnancies Complicated By Oligohydramnios

Author(s): Dr Chetana, A Gopchade

Pages No. 3418-3422

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Title : Measles: Is It Still A Killer Disease?

Author(s): Dr.Charul R. Mehta, Dr. Jay Patel, Dr. Navin, Dr. Diwakar Kr. Singh

Pages No. 3423-3426

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Title : Small bowel obstruction due to dried fruit and vegetable bezoars in paediatric patients of northern India.

Author(s): Faheemul hassan andrabi, Gowher Nazir Mufti, Sajad Ahmad Wani, Mudasir hamid, Nisar Ahmad Bhat, Aejaz Ahsan Baba, Shahid shazad

Pages No. 3427-3429

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Title : Analysing the Effect of Prophylaxis Antibiotic Administration on Pediatric Clean Surgery Based on Post Operative Response of Neutrophil, Monocyte, and Lymphocyte, and Surgical Site Infection Rate

Author(s): Andrizal Yoesoef, Erjan Fikri, Aznan Lelo

Pages No. 3430-3434

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Title : Prostate Specific Antigen Values of Geriatric Individuals Visiting a Tertiary Care Hospital in Southern India for Comprehensive Check Up

Author(s): Rahul Unnikrishnan, George Paul, Sunil K Senan, Priya Vijayakumar

Pages No. 3435-3438

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Title : The study of incidence of post operative delirium in geriatric patients with hyponatremia undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting procedure in a tertiary care hospital

Author(s): Dr Aswin Rajeev, George Paul, Dr Sunil K S, Dr Priya Vijayakumar

Pages No. 3439-3441

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Title : The Role of Deleted in Colorectal Cancer (Dcc) and P53 Mrna Expression In Young Colorectal Cancer Patients

Author(s): Budhi IB, Metria IB, Hanafi B, Herri SS, Effendi JS

Pages No. 3442-3447

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