Published: 2019-02-28

Local Tourists Characteristics in Lampung Indonesia

Achyani Subandi, Rasuane Noor, Sumiyatun ., Fenny Thresia, Satrio Budi Wibowo

Pages No. 5261-5264

Abstract 483  | PDF 236  DOI

The Humanities and Africa’s Development

Ekaette Umanah Ekong, PhD, Uwem Jonah Akpan, PhD

Pages No. 5265-5272

Abstract 311  | PDF 123  DOI

Hidden Moral Messages in Indonesian Horror Film (Analysis of Palasik Film)

Redi Panuju

Pages No. 5273-5281

Abstract 498  | PDF 187  DOI

A Comparative Analysis on the Parliament’s Role in the Appointment of Justices to the Supreme Court in the USA and the Maldives

Aminath Asfa Shafie

Pages No. 5282-5290

Abstract 341  | PDF 116  DOI

Moon Jae In: A Contemporary Strategıc and Vısıonary Leader

Dr. Nilufer Ruzgar

Pages No. 5291-5296

Abstract 386  | PDF 116  DOI

Quality of Life and its Relation to Creative Thinking among a Sample of Female Adolescents in Jeddah

Huda Assem Mohammed Khalifa

Pages No. 5297-5311

Abstract 315  | PDF 171  DOI

The Effect of Trait Anxiety on Recognition of Threatening Emotional Facial Expressions: A Study among High School Students.

Roslinda Mustapha, Md. Azman Shahadan, Hazalizah Hamzah

Pages No. 5312-5318

Abstract 361  | PDF 98  DOI

The Legal Comparison Concerning the Legislation Policy of Criminal Acts Towards Religion and Religious Life in the Books of Indonesian Criminal Law Year 2018 and Wetboek Van Strafrecht Year 2014

Kristian Kristian

Pages No. 5319-5329

Abstract 232  | PDF 98  DOI

The man of Ernest J. Gaines' novelistic universe: between emasculation and self-assertion

Touré Bassamanan

Pages No. 5330-5335

Abstract 205  | PDF 97  DOI

Roles and Challenges of Technology in Corporate Social Responsibility

Mohamed Abualhaija DBA

Pages No. 5336-5340

Abstract 260  | PDF 109  DOI

Application of Information Systems in Tourism and Leisure Sector

Dr. Zita Malcienė, Laima Skauronė

Pages No. 5341-5346

Abstract 186  | PDF 106  DOI