Background Maternal death is a public health concern especially in African countries. Many strategies are developed to improve the quality of maternal and newborn care, such as the maternal death review. This paper aims to describe the determinants of maternal deaths among pregnant or postpartum women in Agnéby-Tiassa-Mé health region in Cote d’Ivoire;                                                 

Methods: This is a cross-sectional retrospective and descriptive study of maternal death reviews covering the period from January to December 2016.                                                  

Results Of a total of 68 maternal deaths registered in the health region, 31 (46%) were reviewed. The highest proportion of maternal deaths was observed among parturient aged between 20-29 (38.7%), paucigravida (48.4%) and pauciparous (29%), referred patients (74.5%) and those taken care of by a midwife (84.1%). The main cause of maternal deaths was hemorrhage (34.5%). Maternal deaths recorded in the region could have been avoided in 83.7% of the cases.

Conclusion Maternal deaths review should be systematic in accordance with national guidelines, correctly and fully informed for an analysis of all the determinants allowing better decision-making to improve the quality of care.