Published: 2014-08-01

B Cell Lymphoma in HIV positive Patients Histopathological Perspective

Dr Ashfaq ul Hassan ,Dr Muneeb ul Dr Zahida Rasool ,Dr Rashid

Abstract 97  | PDF 19 

Esophageal Adenocarcinomas : A Rising Trend in Kashmir Histopathological Perspectives

Dr Ashfaq ul Hassan , Dr Muneeb ul, Dr Zubaida Rasool

Abstract 98  | PDF 15 

Awareness of Organ Donation among Fresh Students in Medical Field

Dr. Saraswathi Ilango, Ms. M. Usha Nandhini , Dr. S. Manikandan , Dr. Prema Sembulingam

Abstract 70  | PDF 45 

Pathology of Ovarian Tumour-A Hospital Based Study

Dr. Ivy Sharma, Dr. Usha Sarma & Dr. U. C. Dutta

Abstract 72  | PDF 17 

Laparoscopic management of a bilateral cystadenofibroma in a nulliparous female

Dr Priyanka Kalra

Abstract 58  | PDF 29 

Darier’s Disease: A Series of Three Cases

Dr . Atul Jain , Dr. Harsh kumar , Dr.Chandanwale S.S , Dr.Panicker N.K

Abstract 62  | PDF 22 

Caustic ingestion in adults: Accuracy of endoscopic and inoperative findings to estimate gastrointestinal injury depth

Esmaeil Hajinasrollah.MD, *Mohsen Arayshkhah MD***,Hadi Mirhashemi MD,**.Hasan, PeyvandyMD,**.Ali Khoskar MD.**, Ghazal Hajinasrollah. ***MD,

Abstract 85  | PDF 28 

School Bags and Musculoskeletal Pain Among Elementary School Children In Chennai City

Mr. Janakiraman Balamurugan

Abstract 80  | PDF 24 

Anaesthetic Management Of A Parturient With Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome Posted For Caesarean Section

Dr. Sunita Y. Shende, Dr. Prakash R. Dhumal, Dr. Vikas A.kurhekar

Abstract 134  | PDF 39 

Efficacy of Herbicides as Plant Growth Regulator on Productivity of Maize with Special Aspect of Baby Corn

D.P.Nagdeve, Y.P.Bharti And Arun Kumar

Abstract 98  | PDF 64 

No scalpel vasectomy in promoting male sterilization

Dr. Devajit Choudhury1 , Dr.Ilias Ali , Dr. Kanakeswar Bhuyan

Abstract 60  | PDF 39 

Comparative Study of Breathing Techniques After Coronary Artery By Pass Grafting

Sharick Shamsi, Shabana khan

Abstract 104  | PDF 30 

Kikuchi's Disease with Pleural Effusion – A Rare Case Report

Dr. Hemant Mahur , Dr. D.P. Singh , Dr. Kripa Shanker Jhirwal

Abstract 111  | PDF 27 

Phytochemical Compositions, Antihyperlipidemic And Hepatoprotective Effects Of Brassica Oleracae Var. Capitata L. Leaf Extracts On Triton-Induced Hyperlipidemic Rats.

Ogbede, S.C., Saidu, A.N ., Kabiru, A.Y

Abstract 120  | PDF 29