Published: 2015-02-01

The Use of Cone Beam Computed Tomography Imaging In Dentistry: A Review

Mobeen Khan ,Anjani Kumar Shukla , Md Asad Iqubal , Swetarchi , Moazzam Jawaid

Abstract 201  | PDF 38 

A Comparative Study Between Calcium Alginate Dressing And Paraffin Gauze Over The Split Thickness Skin Graft Donor Site Area

Ranjan R , Jha RN , Chowdhary P

Abstract 91  | PDF 44 

Comparative Study Of Efficacy And Adverse Effect Profile Of Racemic Salbutamol With Levosalbutamol In Patients With Stable Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Kurli. Sankar , Sowmya deepthi.Chavala , Sudeena.D

Abstract 150  | PDF 37 

Molluscum Contagiosum An Increasing Trend

Dr Ashfaq ul Hassan , Dr Muneer A Bhat , Dr Mohsin Rasool , Dr Shifan Khanday , Dr Shazia Jeelani

Abstract 127  | PDF 39 

Study Of Neoplastic Lesions Of The Ovary

Annapurna Parvatala , Jalagam Rajendra Prasad , Natta Bharat Rao , Sudhakar Ghanta

Abstract 86  | PDF 29 

Sexual Pleasure Leading To Penile Strangulation: - A Case Report

Vijay Agarwal , Dhanesh kumar , Vikas Jain, Atul Jain ,Karan Marwah

Abstract 107  | PDF 34 

Awareness Of Female Health Workers And Non Health Workers On Cervical Cancer And Cervical Cancer Screening : South - South ,Nigeria.

Ekine A. A , West O. L , Gani O

Abstract 201  | PDF 27 

Gene Therapy – A Current Review.

Dr. Sachin Phoolchand Yadav

Abstract 130  | PDF 27 

A Study Of Self-Medication Patterns And Drug Use Behavior In Non-Teaching Staff Working In A Tertiary Care Center

Dr Bharani krishna Y , Hanumanth N , poojitha G

Abstract 101  | PDF 31 

Effect Of Noise On Visual Evoked Potential.

Dr. Vijay B. S. Gaur , Dr. Anju Thakur

Abstract 84  | PDF 41 

“Comparative Evaluation Of Accuracy Of Two Impression Techniques And Materials For An Implant-Supported Prosthesis”

Dr sonika kankane, Dr Ashok Pakhan, Dr Surekha Godbole, Dr Seema sathe

Abstract 164  | PDF 47 

A Profile on Medico-Historical Aspects Of Anaemia In Ayurveda

Dr.Vedantam Giridhar

Abstract 109  | PDF 32 

Debridement In Diabetic Foot Complications – An Analysis Of Debridement Using Amit Jain’s Grading System For Debridement

Amit Kumar C Jain , Viswanath S

Abstract 141  | PDF 40