Published: 2016-11-01

Learning Microbiology from Laboratory Bench to Bedside –A Project Based Learning

Dr. Mrs. Neelima S. Tankhiwale ,Dr. Narendra Samal ,Dr. S.R.Tankhiwale
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Validity of CT-Scan for the detection of malignant orbital mass among pediatric patients.

Dr Meher Angez Rahman., Salauddin Al Azad, Nazrul Islam3 , Sadrul Amin , Md, Ziaul Haque , Mahmud Hasan Mostofa Kamal , Dr. Mukhdira, Mizanul Hasan
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Emergency LSCS for moderate to severe mitral stenosis in pregnancy- A comparision between graded epidural vs general

Dr Debadas Biswal , Dr Ch. Satyaranjan Samal ,Dr Sanjib kumar Dhar , Dr Smruti ranjan Muduli
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