Published: 2017-11-01

Organophosphate Poison Induced Delayed Polyneuropathy (Opidn) After Inhalational Poisoning- A Rare Sequel.

Abhijeet Agarwal, Jahnabi Bhagawati, Sourya Acharya, Samarth Shukla

Pages No. 3271-3273

Abstract 155  | PDF 81  DOI

Are environmental toxins responsible for biochemical and physiological changes in emphysema?

Aditya Banerjee , Imamul Haque Mansoori , Kishore Kumar Soni

Pages No. 3274-3280

Abstract 207  | PDF 57  DOI

Morphometric Study of Human Cadaveric Coronary Artery

Priti Sinha*, S. Saxena**, S. Khare*, S. Jain*, Ramkumar K.*

Pages No. 3281-3283

Abstract 207  | PDF 70  DOI

Preliminary results from research on the factors affecting the success of intrauterine insemination procedures

Kunev AK, Yordanov AD

Pages No. 3284-3288

Abstract 180  | PDF 63  DOI

Visual fields before and after dilatation of pupils

Vasantha Suram

Pages No. 3289-3292

Abstract 120  | PDF 61  DOI

Perinatal Outcome and Histopathological Evaluation of Placentas in Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) Pregnancies

Dr Gurdip Kaur, Dr Beant Singh, Dr Parneet Kaur, Dr Navkiran Kaur, Dr Eram Khan

Pages No. 3293-3298

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Pages No. 3299-3303

Abstract 107  | PDF 77  DOI

RAINE SYNDROME: a rare case presentation

Dr Subhas Das, Dr Twinkle Patel, Dr Chirag Shah

Pages No. 3304-3306

Abstract 187  | PDF 77  DOI

Anatomical Study of Left Coronary Artery Trunk of Adult Human Cadavers of Northern Indian Region

Dr. Priti Sinha* ,Dr. Sanjeev Saxena**, Dr. Satyam Khare* ,Dr. Shilpi Jain* ,Dr. Rashmi ghai* ,Dr. Ram Kumar Kaushik*

Pages No. 3307-3310

Abstract 105  | PDF 85  DOI

In vitro determination of 5-flurouracil as a selective agent for leptospiral culture medium

Prabhusaran N, Natarajaseenivasan K, Joseph PID

Pages No. 3311-3313

Abstract 118  | PDF 115  DOI

Histopathologic Spectrum of Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Mucosal Biopsies: A Prospective Study

Rosy Khandelia, Mayurpankhi Saikia

Pages No. 3314-3316

Abstract 175  | PDF 77  DOI

Awareness on risk factors for Diabetic mellitus and Diabetic peripheral Neuropathy among the Nationalities of Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Silvia Edison .J, Laila Abdelnaby Hamed Ali

Pages No. 3317-3321

Abstract 107  | PDF 67  DOI

The Imperative of Scaling up Access to Physiotherapy Services for Cases of Acute Flaccid Paralysis in Nigeria

Abdullahi Walla Hamisu1 , G.C. Onyemeluk we2 , Eboh E. I3 , Sharaye K. O3 , Sume Etapelong Gerald1,Isiaka Ayodeji Hassan1, Braka Fiona1 , Richard Banda1 , Ajiboye Oyetunji1 , Alemu W1 , Faisal Shuaib4

Pages No. 3322-3327

Abstract 134  | PDF 69  DOI

Clinicoechocardiographic Study of Cardiac Abnormalities in Chronic Kidney Disease

Neelakandan Ramya, K.R. Meera*

Pages No. 3328-3334

Abstract 134  | PDF 56  DOI

Effect of Diets with Various Calcium and Boron Levels in Prelaying Period on Growth, Bone Ash and Subsequent Performance and Shell Quality of Laying Hens

Vildan Koçbeker, Yılmaz Bahtiyarca, Gökhan Demirörs

Pages No. 3335-3340

Abstract 175  | PDF 64  DOI