Published: 2018-10-30

Breast Carcinoma with Choriocarcinomatous Features

Dr. Amrisha Jaiswal, Dr. Parul Gupta, Dr. Nirupma Lal, Dr. Nida Parveen

Pages No. 4082-4085

Abstract 135  | PDF 41  DOI

Speciation Speciation and Antibiogram of Staphylococcal Isolates from a Tertiary Care Hospital of North East India

Lalhmin gmawii, Lalremp uii, Gracy Laldinmawii, Jacinta Lalremruati, A Lalzirtitri, Yogesh Malvi

Pages No. 4086-4088

Abstract 155  | PDF 46  DOI

Prevalence of Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) in Jeddah

Awad Elkhadir, Mohammad Wazzan, Ahmed Abduljabbar, Nawaf Meshal Badwi, Faisal Mohammed Hendi, Khaled Mohammed Al-Shomrani, Abdullmola Atwan Al-Malawi

Pages No. 4089-4091

Abstract 176  | PDF 61  DOI

The Effect of Coffee And Tea On Immersion of Thermoplastic Acetal Resin and Polyamide 12

Silvani Sona, Taufik Sumarsongko, Erna Kurnikasari, Lisda Damayanti

Pages No. 4092-4100

Abstract 134  | PDF 62  DOI

A Rare Primary Skeletal Lymphoma in the Tibia Mimicking Osteomyelitis

Dr. Selim Yalçın, Dr. Korcan E. Gültekin

Pages No. 4101-4103

Abstract 98  | PDF 43  DOI

Burden Of Mycobacterium ulcerans Disease (Buruli ulcer) In Ogbaru District, Anambra State, Nigeria

Ndubuisi O. Nwachukwu, Ignatius U. Ejiofor, Elendu C. Onwuchekwa

Pages No. 4104-4107

Abstract 140  | PDF 87  DOI

Phenotype of mitochondrial cytb mutations

Josef Finsterer, MD, PhD, Anushree Mishra, PhD

Pages No. 4108-4109

Abstract 93  | PDF 84  DOI

Determination of the Free Radical Scavenging and Antimutagenic Activity of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate, Root Canal Treatment Material Used In Dentistry

Aysel UGUR, Nurdan SARAC, Inci Rana KARACA, Dilara Nur OZTURK

Pages No. 4110-4114

Abstract 228  | PDF 49  DOI

Study on the clinical profile in hospital outcomes and 30 day survival of non surgical patients receiving mechanical ventilation.

Kiran G Kulirankal, Sudhagar Mookkappan

Pages No. 4115-4118

Abstract 107  | PDF 49  DOI