Introduction: After 2-10 years of infection, many patients progress to symptomatic stage, and land with a variety of manifestations depending upon the systems involved and severity of disease and rapidity of immunodeficiency. Hence the present study was under taken to evaluate the various types of clinical presentations of AIDS patients in ‘’terminal stage illness’’.

Materials and Methods: All patients are confirmed cases of HIV / AIDS , with multisystemic involvement and presented with various type of clinical manifestations. Special case proforma was made to record complaints, history, clinical features, investigations, diagnosis and preliminary data was also recorded, for each case separately.

Results: Tuberculosis is the most common presentation among HIV patients in respiratory system. 66% were suffering HIV TB co-infection, 4% were suffering from pneumocystis carnii pneumonia and Bacterial pneumonia each. In relation to Gastrointestinal system, 54% patients had Oro pharyngeal candidiasis, 18% patients had diarrhoea.

Conclusion: Knowing Clinical manifestations of HIV is very essential as because it helps to diagnose and to start accurate treatment. Also aid to study the prevalence of various diseases associated with HIV.