Tetanus toxoid (TT) injections are given during pregnancy to prevent tetanus neonatorum, which is the leading cause of infant death in many developing countries. In Central Sulawesi in 2010 there were two Tetanus Neonatorum Cases. From the data obtained at Tawaeli Public Health Center, the coverage TT immunization in this area in 2015 amounted to 51,4% and in 2016 amounted to 41,96%, this is still below of the target ie 85%. The study purpose is to determine the factors associated with the completeness s of  TT immunization in the ​​Tawaeli Public Health Center area. This study using cross sectional approach, a population is 301, and the sampels obtained 76 responses by using stratified random sampling technique. The results showed that pregnant women who received complete TT immunization were 30 (39.5%) respondents and not completed it were 46 (60.5%) respondents. The Chi-square test showed that the independent variables were associated with completeness TT immunization is a education (p=0,012), economic status (p=0,027), knowledge (p=0,000) and family support (p=0,000).  Through multivariate analysis found the most influential independent variable is a family support (p=0,020). Pregnant women’s need to be educated to perform routine checks up to the public Health center. A conseling to improve the knowledge of pregnant women about the benefits of TT immunization in during pregnancy is necessary.