Published: 2018-07-30

A Case of Denue Fever with Thyroid Abscess

Dr Ajay Nathan, Dr Arun K Valsan, Dr Rakesh Kumar Jha, Dr Subhash Ranjan

Pages No. 3899-3901

Abstract 284  | PDF 108  DOI

Comparison of Epidural Anaesthesia Methods Applied With Articine and Alkalinized Articaine in Transurethral Surgery

Guldeniz Argun, MD

Pages No. 3902-3904

Abstract 219  | PDF 102  DOI

Discogenic Low Back Pain: A Pilot Study of Proposed Non-Invasive Diagnostic Parameters

Inklebarger J, Petrides S, Galanis N

Pages No. 3905-3913

Abstract 373  | PDF 83  DOI

The Prevalence of Chronic Periodontitis in the City of Bandung, Indonesia: A Cross Sectional Study

Agus susanto, Janti Rusjanti, Nunung Rusminah, Ina Hendiani, Ira Komara, Prajna Metta

Pages No. 3914-3916

Abstract 298  | PDF 72  DOI

Determinant of Tetanus Toxoid Immunization: Impact in Pregnancy in Palu, Indonesia

Rosmala Nur, Abd. Rahman, Endang Triyani, Sitti Radhiah, Nurhaya S. Patui, Marcelina ., Vidyanto .

Pages No. 3917-3920

Abstract 229  | PDF 91  DOI

Oral Ketamine Use for Lumbar Puncture in Children Undergoing Intrathecal Chemotherapy in a Developing Country

Adigun Ta, Brown Bj, Amanor -Boadu Sd

Pages No. 3921-3924

Abstract 164  | PDF 95  DOI

A study on the prevalence of corneal blindness: A demographic correlates

Dr Gyan Chandra dube

Pages No. 3925-3927

Abstract 483  | PDF 87  DOI

Correlation between Pretreatment Platelet to Lymphocyte Ratio and Pretreatment Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio with Prognosis in Prostate Cancer Patient in H. Adam Malik General Hospital Medan

Robby Anggara, Ginanda Putra Siregar, Syah Mirsya Warli

Pages No. 3928-3930

Abstract 220  | PDF 106  DOI

Poland’s Syndome Associated with Thoracic Spine Scoliosis-A Case Report

James Inklebarger J, Leddy J, Galanis N, Gyer G, Michael J, Anand P, Abbas B, Krishnaswamy K, Kumar D, Roberts A

Pages No. 3931-3933

Abstract 390  | PDF 93  DOI

Suction Ability of the Infant with Complete Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Using Feeding Plate Modification of Hotz-Kogo

Sumarsongko Taufik, Damayanti Lisda, Kusumadewi Annisa, Alamsyah Gian Nur

Pages No. 3934-3938

Abstract 253  | PDF 79  DOI

Age and Diastolic Blood Pressure Are Risk Factor of Preeclamsia: a Case Control Study in Semarang

Rini Aryani, Muslich Ashari, Siti Thomas Zulaikhah

Pages No. 3939-3943

Abstract 231  | PDF 70  DOI

Antimicrobial Effect of Wasabia japonica or Wasabi on Raw Salmon in Served Sashimi at Japanese Restaurants in Medan

Sri Amelia, Nenni Dwi Aprianti Lubis, Muhammad Arifin Siregar, Muhammad Fakhrur Rozi

Pages No. 3944-3947

Abstract 408  | PDF 116  DOI

A Study of Etiology, Clinical Profile and Prognostic Factors in Ascites Patients Having Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis.

Dr Rahul Gadekar, BRIG (Dr) A. B. Khare's, Dr Satish Phatke, Arun Tyagi

Pages No. 3948-3951

Abstract 228  | PDF 62  DOI

Supraclavicular Approach in Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)

Ria Amelia, Amiril Mu’minin

Pages No. 3952-3954

Abstract 234  | PDF 105  DOI

A Histopathological Study of Malignant Lesions of the Breast In a tertiary Care Centre

R. Sasank, Annapurna Parvatala

Pages No. 3955-3958

Abstract 145  | PDF 92  DOI

Essential oils effect (ping-on) on temporalis muscle pain in patients with headaches attributed to temporomandibular disorders

Raúl Frugone-Zambra, Diego Brevis., Román Delgado., Cristóbal Frugone-Zaror., Alfredo Gary., Matteo Martinolli., Sergio Bortolini., Daniele Manfredini.

Pages No. 3959-3965

Abstract 269  | PDF 70  DOI

Knowledge about sexually transmitted disease (STD) among the women in a rural population of Uttar Pradesh

Dr. VS Nigam, Dr. VK Srivastava

Pages No. 3966-3969

Abstract 175  | PDF 68  DOI