Ovarian cancer is the commonest cause of death among all gynecological cancers.

Material and Method: This was a retrospective 5year review of 61 cases of histologically diagnosed ovarian cancer admitted and treated in the Gynecology department of Rajindra hospital from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2015.

Results and Conclusion: This 5 year study showed that the mean age of presentation of ovarian malignancy was 46.9 years and was 49.3 years if germ cell tumours are excluded. Epithelial type was most common (78.69%). Germ cell tumors were common in adolescents and young adults. The commonest modes of presentation were abdominal pain and distention. Commonest histotype was serous cyst adenocarcinoma. At the time of diagnosis half of patients (49.18%) with malignant tumors were in advanced stage. 5year survival was 90% in early cases (stageI&II) & only 20% in those diagnosed in late stage (StageIII&IV). Early diagnosis and appropriate management can reduce morbidity and mortality.

KEY WORDS: Malignant ovarian tumor · Staging · Prognosis