Background and overview. Apexification is induction of apical closure, the treatment of choice for necrotic teeth with immature root. Traditionally calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 has been the material of choice for apexification, recently Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) has been proposed as a potential material for formation of hard tissue apical barrier. Use of custom made posts or prefabricated posts may result in vertical root fracture during post space preparation. Use of an anatomical post results in better prognosis of the present case. This article highlights a case report of immature permanent tooth with Apexification using MTA followed by anatomic post and core. Case Description. A 16-year-old male patient complains of fractured and discolored teeth in upper front teeth region. Past dental history of discontinued endodontic treatment 8-years back. Treatment includes two phases- endodontic phase and re-construction phase followed by full crown porcelain fused metal prosthesis. Clinical Implications. Discussion focuses on reconstruction of endodontically treated tooth by selection of appropriate post and core from various materials available today. The present case report discusses about the custom made composite post and core in the management of endodontically treated tooth maxillary anterior tooth.