Vitamin B12 deficiency widespread in developing countries especially in Africa, India and South and Central America, more common in elderly people. Skin manifestations correlation with vitamin B12 deficiency is poorly considered by physicians, as cobalamin deficiency is not alone presenting with dermatologic manifestations. Here in this study we have tried to show the various types of mucocutaneous manifestations among vitamin B12 deficiency patients and its significance. Systemic examination was done and Mucocutaneous findings were noted among 116 selected population of both sexes, aged >10 years presenting with vitamin B12 symptoms. Serum levels of vitamin B12 were determined using chemiluminescence immunoassays (CLIA) from Elecsys/Roche Diagnostics, Mannheim, Germany. Majority of the cases presented with hyperpigmentation changes (53.4%), hair changes(47.4%) followed by angular chelitis (37.9%), angular stomatitis (35.3%), nail changes (32.7%), cracks on skin (32.7%), atrophic glossitis (31.8%), vitiligo (31%), slatey pigmentation on face (27.5%). It was observed that as vitamin B12 levels in serum decreases, patients with mucocutaneous manifestations were increased. It was statistically significant (p<0.05). An expertise physician cautious look into manifestations and its correlation with laboratory investigations helps us to take clinical condition in a better way by proper diagnosis and accurate treatment.>