Objective: To determine the effect of dry needling in quadratus lumborum on cricket fast bowlers suffering from non specific low back pain. Subjects and Method: In this pre and post experimental study, 36 cricket fast bowlers with Non specific LBP were treated.they were randomely distributed into two treatment groups:One taking DN on QL and conventional treatment and other taking only conventional treatment.Four variables were measured: For Pain using visual analog scale(VAS)scale, Pain pressure threshold(PPT) on QL muscle TrPs with an Algometer, Contralateral Lumbar side flexion(LSF) range with an Inclinometer and quality of life measure assessed with an Oswestry Disability Index(ODI). Results: There were significant improvement in VAS,PPT,Contralateral LSF and ODI with in the group at first,second and third week of post intervention.Group 1 showed more significant improved than group 2. Conclusion: Both the group Experimental and control are comparable in their effectiveness in reducing pain,improving pain pressure threshold, lumbar side flexion range and in Quality of life.Each group was individually effective but experimental group was comparatively more effective than conventional.