Introduction: Acute pancreatitis is a standout amongst the most widely recognized cause for hospitalization in the United States, representing around 220,000 cases for each year. Among the new cases, 80% are interstitial and 20% are necrotizing. Methodology The study was conducted From March to May 2016, in Owaisi Hospital, a 1000 bedded teaching hospital, situated in Hyderabad, providing specialized tertiary level health care services to all strata of people. Patients visiting the outpatient department of general medicine in owaisi hospital were selected for the present study, the patients selected has a history of pancreatic enzymes elevation for more than a year. Aims And Objectives : This planned study has been attempted with the accompanying targets, to concentrate on the predominance of amylase and lipase levels in acute pancreatitis patients and to assess the etiologic proof as diagnostic marker in patients with acute pancreatitis. Results: the total of 60 patients were included in the study with the history of pancreatitis, which includes 37 females and 23 males, along with the inter group evaluation of serum lipase, amylase and hemoglobin levels. Conclusion: it can be concluded that the serum amylase , lipase , SGOT and SGPT levels are increased which is associated with the decreased hemoglobin levels in both males and women, hence we conclude that the Males are more prone to acute and chronic pancreatitis than female.