It is generally accepted that early childhood education improves the educational performance of children. Various studies have reported a wide range of problems in children who started early schooling. These problems include Clinging to parents, nocturnal enuresis, throwing temper tantrums and bruxism. Additionally various other behavioural problems like disturbed or excessive sleeping and feeding difficulties have also been reported in these children. Many prestigious studies have concluded that children who began school at a somewhat earlier age performed less at the beginning of school, showed little or no improvement over the course of their first years of schooling, and functioned at a lesser level in third grade than children who began school at a somewhat later age. Considering the fact that the optimum age at which the schooling should begin has always been the important topic of deliberation amongst the parents as well as policy maker we conducted this observational study to find out impact of early schooling on health and life style of children. We found that those children who started early schooling suffered from various behavioral problems like clinging to parents, bedwetting, temper tantrums and sleep disturbances. We conclude that it is not desirable to send children for any kind of schooling before 3 years of age and parents should prepare children for formal education instead of sending to preparatory school before 3 years.