Published: 2019-05-30

A Review on the plants named after their karma (action) in Raja nighantu

Prof. Karnam chandrashekhar

Pages No. 4426-4432

Abstract 99  | PDF 120  DOI

Periodontal ligament stem cells-current review of the literature

Aleksiev E, Ugrinov R, Hristov Kr

Pages No. 4433-4437

Abstract 86  | PDF 63  DOI

Sleep Quality among Healthcare Providers; In Riyadh, 2019.

Fahad A. Alamri, Samar A. Amer, Almaha Almubarak , Hadeel Alanazi

Pages No. 4438-4448

Abstract 91  | PDF 63  DOI

Association between Expression of CD133 and Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 1A1 (ALDH1A1) with FIGO Stage in Serous Ovarian Cancer

Desi Puspita, Hasrayati Agustina, Birgitta Maria Dewayani, Bethy Surjawathy Hernowo, Sri Suryanti

Pages No. 4449-4454

Abstract 67  | PDF 43  DOI

Chemokine C-X-C Receptor Type 4 (CXCR4) and Autocrine Motility Factor Receptor (AMFR) expression in Renal Cell Carcinoma and Their Correlation with Metastatic in Dr Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung, Indonesia

Rohana Agustina, Herry Yulianti, Sri Suryanti, Bethy Surjawathy Hernowo

Pages No. 4455-4459

Abstract 72  | PDF 50  DOI

Correlation of PD-L1 and CD133 Expression with Metastasis in Invasive Breast Carcinoma of Luminal B Subtype

Sofian Anwar, Bethy Surjawathy Hernowo , Birgitta Maria Dewayani , Sri Suryanti

Pages No. 4460-4467

Abstract 57  | PDF 57  DOI

A comparative clinical and encephalographic study on manifestation of the choline and dopamine deficiency syndromes in consciousness recovery after severe traumatic brain injury

M. V. Chelyapina – Postnikova, E. V. Sharova , О.S. Zaitsev

Pages No. 4468-4471

Abstract 49  | PDF 153  DOI

Glucono-Delta-Lactone Mitigates the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate of Human Blood

Kane Genser, MD, Charles R. Spillert PhD

Pages No. 4472-4473

Abstract 45  | PDF 44  DOI

The Effect of Ethics Education Programme on The Nurses’ Level Of Ethical Decision Making: A Phenomenology Study

Meryem Özlem, Esra Akın Korhan, Çağatay Üstün, Ate DIJKSTRA

Pages No. 4474-4480

Abstract 71  | PDF 29  DOI

Diagnostic Reasoning and Physiotherapy Treatment for A 65 Years Old Female with Left Sided Frozen Shoulder

Mohammad Habibur Rahman

Pages No. 4481-4484

Abstract 67  | PDF 47  DOI

Treatment of peristomal wounds with a topic Neem and Red Hypericum Oil application: Case Studies

Maria Sole Ercolani, Filippo La Torre, Elena Toma

Pages No. 4485-4489

Abstract 260  | PDF 61  DOI