Published: 2019-08-04

La construction de l’hypothèse dans une recherche qualitative, une illustration à partir de l’étude sur la distance sociale à l’innovation dans la production d’attiéké en Côte d’Ivoire.

De Bloganqueaux Soho Rusticot DROH, Aubin Jacob MOBIO

Pages No. 5553-5558

Abstract 130  | PDF 72  DOI

Effect of Internet Banking On the Performance of First Bank Nigeria Plc Abuja

AKYUZ Murat, PhD, OPUSUNJU, Michael Isaac (PhD)

Pages No. 5559-5564

Abstract 47  | PDF 189  DOI

Effect of Structural Adjustment Programme on the Performance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria

OPUSUNJU Michael Isaac (PhD), AKYUZ, Murat, PhD

Pages No. 5565-5570

Abstract 43  | PDF 42  DOI

Analysis of the Relationship between Technology Capital and Equity Structure-Evidence of Shaanxi private tech enterprise of China

Nan Wang, ZunHuan Shen

Pages No. 5571-5574

Abstract 41  | PDF 35  DOI

Analysis of Community Social Issues in Jamdin Buyong Editorial Cartoon Press Sabah Times

Suraya Hani Zakaria, Mohammad Pu’ad Bebit, Mohd Sawari Rahim

Pages No. 5575-5579

Abstract 37  | PDF 53  DOI

Nature and Extent of Inter-Clan Conflicts in the Somali Community in Wajir North Sub-County, Kenya

Robert Kiprop Aengwony, Prof. Crispinuous Iteyo, Dr. Ruth Simiyu

Pages No. 5580-5595

Abstract 49  | PDF 46  DOI

Explanatory factors of the accreditation of the General Graduation Exam (EGEL) in students of the Bachelor of Science in Education, UABC, Mexico

Vicente Arámburo Vizcarra, Patricio Henriquez Ritchie, Erika Gisel Loera Gutierrez

Pages No. 5596-5602

Abstract 50  | PDF 13  DOI

Comparative Case Study on Institutionalizaiton of Ruling Parties under Military Authoritarianism: Democratic Republican Party under Park Chung-Hee Regime in South Korea (1961-1979) and Golkar under Suharto Regime in Indonesia (1966-1998)

Sungdeuk Lee

Abstract 25  | PDF 30