Background: Krimi roga is one of the most common Ayurvedic classics most of the Acharyas gave extensive explainations regarding the krimi roga. Gandupada krimi is one of the pureeshaja krimi mentioned in classics. Ascaris Lumbricoides has the close resemblance to the Gandupada krimi, it is the most common Helminthic infestations. It has a world- wide distribution, but the highest prevalence occurs in tropical & sub- tropical regions and areas with inadequate sanitation, Poverty, ignorance, lack of hygiene maintenance, bad sanitation and use of un cooked food or improper washing of food materials, eating soil etc. are the important factors for spreading helminthic infection in developing countries like India. In Ayurveda Virechana Karma is mentioned as the ideal treatment for krimi kostha & pandu.

Objective : To study the role of Virechana karma in Mritbhakshana janya Pandu roga w.s.r. Gandupada krimi (Ascariasis)

Design: Randomized open angle clinical study.

Study: The study took place at Gaur Brahaman Ayurvedic College Brahamanwas Rohtak India.

Participant: The 40 participants were registered for study irrespective of their sex, cast, race etc.

Intervention: Role of virechana in Mritbhakshana janya panduroga WSR Gandupada krimi.

Result: 100% result of virechana found in Gandupada krimi.

Conclusion: In the present clinical study Role of Virechana karma in Mridbhakshana janya pandu offered better results in pacifying almost entire range of symptomatology.