Published: 2018-08-30

Clınıcopathologıcal Features of Melanoma In Muğla


Pages No. 3970-3973

Abstract 234  | PDF 68  DOI

Correlates of Men’s Willingness to Undergo Safe Circumcision in the Era of the HIV/AIDS in Botswana

Patrick Seitiso Seitiso, Dr.Hadgu Bariagaber

Pages No. 3974-3987

Abstract 237  | PDF 68  DOI

Impact of pesticide and herbicide on pituitary and gonadal hormone secretion in Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch)

Nazia Khatun, Rita Mahanta

Pages No. 3988-3995

Abstract 173  | PDF 143  DOI

The Use of Prosthetic Vacuum Socket Suspensions: A Comparison of a Modified Bicycle Pump to Commercially Available Options

Ryan Propst, Matthew Buns Ph.D

Pages No. 3996-4003

Abstract 254  | PDF 115  DOI

Assessment of Awareness and Attitudes towards Over the Counter Drugs among Urban Population: An Analytical Questionnaire Study

Akhilesh Kumar, Anubhuti Khare

Pages No. 4004-4005

Abstract 238  | PDF 83  DOI

Evaluation of Practice of Self Medication among Medical and Nursing Students- A Comparative Analytical Study

Prashant Wadagbalkar, Akhilesh Kumar

Pages No. 4006-4008

Abstract 206  | PDF 101  DOI

Colonic diverticulitis in young patients

Raphael Fedidat MD, Amram Hadary MD, Igor Waksman MD

Pages No. 4009-4012

Abstract 284  | PDF 75  DOI

Safety Measures and Health Issues among Pesticide Applicators in Foumbot Agricultural Area, West Region, Cameroon

Sonchieu Jean, Fotsing Stephano Franklin, Akono Edouard Nantia, Ngassoum Martin Benoit

Pages No. 4013-4019

Abstract 247  | PDF 81  DOI

Safety and Efficacy of a Zinc Gluconate Solution in Management of Paediatric Diarrhoea

Dr. Mayuresh Dilip Kiran, Shaheen Naseem Sheikh, Lalit Jeevan Pawaskar

Pages No. 4020-4023

Abstract 263  | PDF 73  DOI

Assessment of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension by Urine Analysis

Bachaspati Dash

Pages No. 4024-4026

Abstract 174  | PDF 80  DOI

Study Profile of Patients Attending Dog Bite Clinic of A Tertiary Care Hospital Of Nagpur

Dr. MohdJunaid, Dr. Sachin Patil

Pages No. 4027-4030

Abstract 273  | PDF 116  DOI

A Prospective Study on Alcohol Drinking Patterns, Dependency and Disease Severity in Alcohol Related Liver Cirrhosis

Bindu Rapole, Jade Sai Krishna, P. Shruthi, V. Leenatha, Dr. A. Srinivas Rao, Dr. P. N. Rao

Pages No. 4031-4035

Abstract 209  | PDF 76  DOI