Published: 2019-01-30

The Chronic Myeloid Leukemia In A Black African Drepanocytic Subject: About A Case In The Clinical Hematology Department Of The Donka Hospital And University Center/Conakry.

KANTE Ansoumane Sayon, DIAKITE Mamady, SYLLA Djibril, KOUAKOU Boidy, DAMBAKATE Alassane, CAMARA Djongbe, KEITA Sadio, TOLO Aissata

Pages No. 4244-4246

Abstract 218  | PDF 136  DOI

Anti-Cariogenic Effects of Raw Robusta Coffee Bean Compared To Instant Robusta Coffee Powder through Dental Biofilm Inhibition

Nunung Rusminah, Emma Rachmawati, Dyah Nindita Carolina, Ina Hendiani

Pages No. 4247-4250

Abstract 299  | PDF 90  DOI

Assessment of Sleep and Life Qualities of Patient with Chronic Low Back Pain; Single-Centered, Prospective Observational Study

Erhan Gokcek, Hakan Akelma, Ayhan Kaydu

Pages No. 4251-4257

Abstract 242  | PDF 99  DOI

Safety and Efficacy for the combination of Brimonidine and Timolol in patients for the treatment of Glaucoma

Dr. Mayuresh Dilip Kiran, Lalit Jeevan Pawaskar, Shaheen Nasreen Shekh

Pages No. 4258-4262

Abstract 193  | PDF 84  DOI

Health Risk Factors As a Predictor Student Learning Achievement Of Junior and Senior High School Urban and Rural Areas In Central Sulawesi Province

Muliani ., Abd. Farid Lewa, Tasnim ., Kadar Ramadan

Pages No. 4263-4271

Abstract 207  | PDF 96  DOI

Cephalic Index among Children of 6 – 8 Year of Age with Low Body Mass Index in Bandung City, Indonesia

Emma Rachmawati, Risti Saptarini Primarti, Yuliawati Zenab, Deni Sumantri Latif

Pages No. 4272-4274

Abstract 161  | PDF 81  DOI

Neuroacanthocytosis: A Rare Case Report

Dr. Padmajeet Jadhav, Brig (Dr.) Arun Tyagi, Brig (Dr.) A.K. Srivastava, Dr. Marcia Waran

Pages No. 4275-4277

Abstract 165  | PDF 71  DOI

Risk of Congenital Malformations: A Systematic Review

Dr. Kishore Kumar Soni, Dr. Sushil Singh

Pages No. 4278-4282

Abstract 234  | PDF 106  DOI