Published: 2017-06-01

Rare case of pyogenic brain abscess in a immunocompetent children caused by Streptococcus intermedius

Y. El Kamouni , L. Arsalane , A. Allali , G. Beddou , S. Zouhair

Abstract 204  | PDF 58  DOI

Mers Coronavirus in Dromedary Herd in South Morocco

Kamouni Y. El, Arsalane L., B. Jouabri , Beddou G.4 , N. Elaatoul , K Dafir , Zouhair S.

Abstract 176  | PDF 54  DOI

Evaluation of the Role of Fnac in Diagnosis of Tubercular Lympadenitis in Rural Setup in India

Sharma S, Rana R

Abstract 255  | PDF 87  DOI

Lipemia Retinalis in an infant with Acute Pancreatitis

Satish Agraharam ,Ganga Prasad Amula1 ,Pavani Reddy , Arjun Srirampur

Abstract 327  | PDF 93  DOI

Post Operative Sore Throat : Incidence after nebulization with Ketamine, Lidocaine and Budesonide

Dr. Shreesh Mehrotra , Dr. Nidhi Kumar , Dr. Gurjeet Khurana , Dr. S.S. Bist

Abstract 305  | PDF 136  DOI

Causes of Ocular Trauma in Patients Presenting at a Tertiary Care Center of Rajasthan

Dr Avisha Mathur , Dr Arvind Chauhan

Abstract 112  | PDF 77  DOI

To Study the effect of Cranioplasty on cerebral blood flow with clinical outcome in a patient who underwent decompressive craniectomy

Nilesh Potdar , S Suresh Kumar , K Bhavadasan

Abstract 121  | PDF 56  DOI

Prevalence of Early Childhood Caries among Preschool Children in Dawadmi, Saudi Arabia

Faris Alotaibi (BDS), Ahmed Sher (BDS), Rita Khounganian , (BDS, MDS, PhD)

Abstract 251  | PDF 69  DOI

Amit Jain’s Triple Assessment for Foot in Diabetes- the Simplest and the Fastest New Screening Tool in the World

Amit Kumar C Jain*

Abstract 192  | PDF 97  DOI

Anatomical and Orthopaedic Perspective of a Block Cervical Vertebra Anatomic, Embryological and Orthopedic Perspective

Dr Ashfaq ul Hassan , Dr Saba , Dr Shifan Khanday , Faisal Naseer

Abstract 236  | PDF 98  DOI

Age comparative study of chronic sub dural hematoma and its outcome :- A retrospective study

Dr. Nilesh Potdar ,Dr. S Suresh Kumar ,Dr. Bhavadasan K

Abstract 152  | PDF 78  DOI

Environmental Friendly and Waste Management in Dental Clinic – A Review

Dr.Rajul Vivek

Abstract 158  | PDF 112  DOI

A Comparative study of effectiveness of Spironolactone and Telmisartan in reducing microalbuminuria in normotensive patients of Diabetic nephropathy

Dr. Mohd.Faisal , Dr. A.K Khare , Dr.Ankit Srivatava ,Dr.R.R.Singh , Dr.Farrukh kidwai

Abstract 315  | PDF 90  DOI

The impact of preanalytical variable like delay in sample transportation and post analytical variable like deep freezer temperature on combined Measurement Uncertainty.

Dr.Kavita Rasalkar , Dr Suma HR

Abstract 225  | PDF 84  DOI

Post Abortal Inversion of Uterus a Unique Case

Khushpreet kaur ,Rama garg , Arwinder kaur ,Sangita aggarwal ,Ruchi jindal

Abstract 157  | PDF 59  DOI

The relationship of H.pylori infection with certain common diseases in the society

Fulya Bayındır Bilman

Abstract 227  | PDF 53  DOI

The Comparison of Percutaneous Cholecystostomy and Delayed Cholecystectomy in Management of Patients with Complicated Cholecystytis and High Asa Scores

Edip Erdal Yılmaz , MD, Zübeyir Bozdağ , Murat Kapan , Ahmet Türkoglu , Taner Çiftçi ,, Zülfü Arikanoglu , Metehan Gümüş

Abstract 141  | PDF 63  DOI

Glucono-Delta-Lactone Inhibits E. Coli Induced-Upregulated Blood Coagulation

Michael Kaufer, MD and Charles R. Spillert, Ph.D*

Abstract 196  | PDF 76  DOI

Association of Il10 Gene Polymorphisms (Rs 1800896, Rs1800872) in Breast Cancer Patients

G.Maruthi ,VR. Vinish Ramachander , Prasanna Latha komaravalli , K Sureka.T and Parveen Jahan

Abstract 182  | PDF 61  DOI