This research article aims to mirror the political symbolism and its significance in George Orwell writings with reference to “Animal Farm” and “Nineteen Eighty Four”. It is an attempt to depict the political ideologies of Orwell’s writings in the abovementioned novels, his message and legitimate fears and warning for future generations against the scandals of  totalitarianism and finally to uncover the distortion of power when spoiled by ill-mannered politicians as symbolized by room 101 in “1984” and manifested in the seven commandments prescribed by old major and later amended by Napoleon. In their pursuit to achieve the main objectives of this article, the researchers utilized a blend of approaches to find out clear-cut, evident and tangible justifications beyond Orwell’s use of “political symbolism” in both novels. That is, by virtue of adopting the analytical and critical discourse analysis methodologies along with the novels’ books of “Animal Farm” and “Nineteen Ninety Four” as the primary source of data and collected reviews offered by other writers as the secondary source of data; it could be concluded that for Orwell the political symbolism was not only a sword and shield for protection against totalitarian regimes but also was a platform for liberty and freedom of express when democracy is completely absorbed by such dictators and totalitarian governments.