Published: 2014-03-01

Essential Safety Pharmacology and safety evaluation of bioactive fraction of Xylocarpus moluccensis: an antidyslipidaemic agent

Sarika Singh1 *,Sharad Sharma1 , C. Nath1 , Srikant Kumar Rath1 , R. K. Singh1 , Smrati Bhadauria1 ,, Poonam Singh1 , R.k. Shukla2 , Manoj Barthwal2 and M Dikshit2
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Cerebral AVM: Under diagnosed Reality and Rarity . Anatomical, Pathological, Clinical and Radiological Perspective .

Dr Ashfaq ul Hassan, , Dr Zahida Rasool, Dr Irfan Noomani, Dr Muneeb Dr Zubaida Rasool
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Dandy Walker Malformation A Rare Case with Review of Literature. Embryological and Clinical Perspective

Dr Ashfaq Ul Hassan, Dr Zahida rasool, Dr Shifan Khandey, Dr Riyaz Malik, Dr Sajid Shaf
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