The purpose of this research is to know the training materials, instructur/educator, facilities and infrastructure, in the implementation of the apprenticeship program of course students and training on the word of work (study implementation of internship program in central java). The methods used in this research is a method of quantitative deskriptif. Design research is depicted in the form of graphs or flow correlation studies. The population in this study are all the employees leaner apprenticeship progrem in 2016 and 2017 in central jawa of 750 people. The sampling technique used is a non probability sampling with a sampling of saturated, so the whole population was made a sample in this study. The method of collection through, the question form, interviews, observations,tests, documentation and so on. This research analyzed quantitatively through multivariate, methods of engineering Structural Equation Models (SEM) use the program smart pls 2. The results showed that the variable training materials positive effect knowledge  and skills of apprentices and the wordl of work Variable characteristics knowledge and skills positive effect skills enhancement. Variable characteristics of training materials no effect to the world of work. Variable instructor/educator has no effect the world and of work but has a positive relationship direction.Variable facilities and infrastructure  positive effect  the internship program