Published: 2015-07-01

Mastitis Treatment And Prevention Of New Intramammary Infections With Topical Herbal Spray

Bansal Bk , Gupta Dk , Randhawa Ss , Ravikanth K , Adarsh2*, Maini S

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Study Of Variations In Origin And Course Of Splenic Artery In The 50 Adult Human Cadavers

Dr. D. Nagajyothi* , Dr. S. Sreelatha**, Dr. S. Saritha***, Dr. Ramani T.V* , Mrs Asra Anjum****, Dr. M. Yesender****

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The Relationship Between Work-Life Balance And Nwi-R Score Among Unmarried Nurses Working For Less Than Two Years In Hospital.

Kazuya Ikenishi , Junpei Matsuura

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Avaliação Microbiológica Das Mãos De Manipuladores De Alimentos De Uma Cozinha Piloto Do Município De Pirangi-SP (Microbiological Evaluation Of The Hands Offood Handlersin Apilotcountykitchen Pirangi-SP)

Ana Carolina Pedrosa¹ ; Silvia Helena ZacariasSylvestre¹ ; Gracie Ferraz Rodrigues Fernandes1

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Rastreamento Da Hepatite A, B E C No Município De Bebedouro-SP. (Tracking Hepatitis A, B And C In The Municipality Ofbebedouro-SP.)

Brenda Iris Amancio¹; Silvia Zacarias Sylvestre.

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Incidência De Casos Do Vírus HIV Em Um Município Do Interior Do Norte Paulista (Incidence Of Cases Of HIV Vírus In North State Of São Paulo)

Fernanda Franco Munari ; Rita de Cassia Melo Guimarães ;Ana Helena Lopes1Silvi a Helena Zacarias Sylvestre

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A Study To Assess The Quality Of Life And Establish Relationship With Selected Factors Of The Ostomates Attending Follow Up Clinics In Selected Hospitals Of Kashmir With A View To Develop A Sim For Them To Improve Their Quality Of Life

Shakeela Akhter* Sumeera Bashir* Nighat Hafiz*

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The Clinical Study Of Dietary Management Of NIDDM With Yava(Barley)

Dr.Archana R.Gharge (M.DAyu.)

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Prevents Sodium Oxalate Induced Histopathological Changes In The Kidney

Kamil M. AL-Jobori ,Gwan J. Abdul-Kadhum

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Role Of Complete Blood Count In Analysis Of Macrocytosis In Adult Patient

Dr Sarat Das , Dr Navanita Das

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Effect Of Changing Teaching Schedule According To Learning Domain In Teaching Technique

Dr. Jai Kiran Kini ( M.D. Rognidan)

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Case Report Of Spinal Anesthesia In A Patient With Kyphoscoliosis For Emergency Repeat Caesarean Section.

Dr Jigyasa Shahani

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A Study On Effect Of Intravenous Infusion Of Dexmedetomidine On Perioperative Hemodynamics In General Anesthesia

Komalrameshbhai soni , Shakuntala j. goswami

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Hetu Vichar In Childhood Obesity

Dr. Jai Kiran Kini

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Índice De Infestação Por Cryptococcus Sp. Em Pombos (Columba Lívia) Da Área Central Da Cidade De Bebedouro, São Paulo.

Varalda, L. A. ; Guimarães, R. C. M ; Sylvestre, S. H. Z

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